Barbara Rubin & The Exploding New York Underground

Meet the woman who introduced Andy Warhol to The Velvet Underground! Beloved by Ginsberg, Dylan and Mekas! Her only film —Christmas On Earth — is the wildest ride this side of Flaming Creatures! It’s Barbara Rubin!

The short experimental film Christmas on Earth caused a sensation when it first screened in New York City in 1964. Its orgy scenes, double projections and overlapping images shattered artistic conventions and announced a powerful new voice in the city's underground film scene. All the more remarkable, that vision belonged to a teenager, 18-year-old Barbara Rubin. An icon of the '60s, she introduced Andy Warhol to the Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan to Kabbalah, and bewitched Allen Ginsberg. Thankfully, after her untimely death, lifelong friend Jonas Mekas saved all her letters, creating a rich archive that filmmaker Chuck Smith carefully sculpts this fascinating portrait of a nearly forgotten artist. An avant-garde maverick and a rebel in a man's world, Barbara Rubin & The Exploding Underground helps its trailblazing subject regain her rightful place in film history.

Screenings: Hot Docs 2018
Dir. Chuck Smith / USA / Documentary  / 2018 / 78mins / Australian Premiere

“Barbara Rubin & The Exploding Underground makes a pretty good argument that Barbara Rubin is the single most important person in American culture in the early ‘60s.”

Norman Wilner
08:30 pm
friday 14th September