Behind the Curve

Journey to the centre of the Flat Earth movement, where the only thing they fear is sphere itself.

Flat Earthers is a term synonymous with conspiracy theorists and tin foil hat-wearing loons. In reality, this is a small but rapidly growing group that believes there is a centuries' long conspiracy to suppress the truth that the Earth is flat. With Behind the Curve, Daniel J. Clark ventures into the midst of this community to investigate its astonishing rise, as well as the psychological foundations that keep its adherents going. The film centres on Mark Seargent, host of the first major Flat Eathers’ conference, who offers insight into the dedicated dating sites, pseudoscientific experiments and the group’s celebrity members (including NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving and Outkast rapper B.O.B.). Refraining from ridicule, Clark brings genuine curiosity and compassion to this portrait of people who want to believe, while balancing their outlandish ideas with input from psychologists and astrophysicists.

Screenings: Hot Docs 2018, MIFF 2018
Dir. Daniel J. Clark / USA / Documentary / 2018 / 96mins / NSW Premiere

"Behind the Curve offers portraits of flat earthers as human beings who are worthy of our respect, and it makes a compelling case for empathy and dialogue."

01:00 PM
SUNDAY 16th September