An incredible debut feature that heralds a genuine talent, Bugs follows a day in the life of a group of suburban teenagers as a murder investigation takes place.

An astonishing debut feature that heralds a new Australian cinematic talent, Bugs follows a group of high schoolers as they plan their weekend, jostling for attention and status in the complex hierarchy of social media. Meanwhile, in the nearby bushland lies the corpse of their classmate Amanda — not that anyone seems to care. Bug plays like the demented lovechild of Harmony Korine’s early work (Gummo and Kids) and Tim Hunter’s cult classic River’s Edge. That said, it’s very much its own beast, with a genuine local sensibility that finds the darkness behind even the most quaint of Australian suburbs.

Followed by Q&A with Writer / Director Jack Moxey and Producer / Actor Elizabeta Moxey
Dir. Jack Moxey / Australia / Drama / 2018 / 86mins / Australian Premiere

“As a debut feature film, Bugs is a world-class observation of the lives of Australian high school students, past and present.”

Sarah Marshman
Isolated Nation

"Kids screenwriter Harmony Korine recently said that you could never get away with making a film like his today, yet here's an amateur filmmaking duo proving him very wrong. If Bugs was a punch in the face, it would leave bleeding on the brain."

Cinema Australia
05:00 pm
sunday 16th September