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There’ll be streamers, balloons and buckets of bloods – join us to celebrate as Carrie turns 40, with a screening of Brian De Palma’s digitally re-mastered horror classic. Based on Stephen King’s debut novel, the film follows Carrie White (Sissy Spacek), a young girl raised in isolation by her psychotically domineering mother (Piper Laurie). After a series of embarrassing incidents, the shy and awkward Carrie is ruthlessly teased at the hands of sadistic high school bullies. Little do they know the vengeful Carrie possesses the telekinetic ability to manipulate objects with her mind. Ratcheting up the tension, the film builds to one of the most captivating and fiendishly twisted climaxes in the history of cinema, in which Carrie’s stunning powers are unleashed during a delectably deranged school prom.  Carrie also features a young John Travolta and impressive art design by Jack Fisk (who worked on David Lynch’s Eraserhead and Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life). An early example of De Palma's distinctive style, Carrie blends romance, dark humor and eerie frights. Be sure to also check out Noah Baumbach’s De Palma, screening at this years festival, a remarkable insight into the making of Carrie and the rest of De Palma’s oeuvre.

Dir: Brian De Palma | USA | 1976 | 98mins

“For all the morbid, vicarious, popcorn-munching fun to be had from De Palma's first — and arguably only — true cinematic masterwork, Carrie is loaded with subtext for those who seek it. The reason Carrie is still held in such high regard as a horror classic is very simple: it's all in the sheer directorial bravado. De Palma at the top of his game.”

Andrew Collins
“With his keen and accomplished visual sense, De Palma creates an intimate portrait in Carrie of this aforementioned adolescent, high-school cruelty. It's Lord of the Flies in a locker room...only with mean girls instead of wild boys.”

John Kenneth
Reflections on Film
10:00 pm
SATURDAY 17th September
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