Christmas Blood

Director Reinert Kill combines the Santa-slasher sub genre with a healthy dose of Scandinavian noir for a holiday massacre that proves a Christmas treat come early for all the horror-hounds out there.

Using more than 150 litres of fake blood to complete the film, the aptly named Reinert Kill unleashes a slasher with one of the biggest body counts in recent memory. Serial killer Nissen has a penchant for dressing as Santa, and has been haunting Norway each Christmas Eve for 13 years. He now has his eyes set on the northern countryside, just as a group of unwitting co-eds have chosen the spot for their seasonal getaway. Meanwhile, detectives Rasch and Hansen are more determined than ever to catch their bogeyman before he strikes again — but with Christmas just around the corner, the two cops must race against time to prevent another bloody holiday massacre.

Screenings: Lund International Film Festival 2017, Night Visions 2017, Fantastisk 2017
Dir. Reinert Kill / Norway / Horror / 2017 / 104mins / Australian Premiere

“The horror/comedy Juleblod is this year’s most twisted genre entry.”

Sarah Marshman
11:00 Pm
Saturday 15th September