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Eulogy for a Ghost

A filmmaker interrogates his post-stroke and recently widowed father with his camera - and discovers a new intimacy and wisdom in the process.

A film of great intimacy and spontaneity, Eulogy for a Ghost follows revered director Gil Kofman (Unmade in China SUFF 2012, Memory Thief SUFF 2007) as he explores his relationship with his father, hospital-ridden and recently paralyzed from a stroke. Shot entirely on an iPhone - Kofman utilises his mobile pocket camera to evoke the precise intimacy for such a situation, capturing private and insular moments of fear, acceptance and delusion - as a way to forge moments of communication between father and son. Without judgment, Kofman uses the camera’s lens in an attempt to see the world from his father’s bruised perspective, and in doing so drags up ghosts of the past, most notably that of his mother who is recently deceased. Blurring the lines of reality, the interpersonal and supernatural, the film presents an eerie and beautiful communion beyond death - a séance in life.  Although intensely personal, Eulogy for a Ghost is also a film of universal appeal - at once tender, metaphysical and full of love.

Dir. Gil Kofman / USA / Documentary / 2018 / 84 mins / Australian Premiere

"With attractive quality seals on their products, promises of less pollution, fair pay and sustainability - anyone who looks closely, such as documentary filmmaker Werner Boote, quickly realizes that the "green lie" for resourceful companies has long been a marketing strategy."

Christina Krisch
Kronen Zeitung
12:00 Pm noon
Saturday 15th September