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Restored! Reviled! Revolting!” That’s Multiple Maniacs. Step right up to witness the tale of Lady Divine’s travelling sideshow ‘The Cavalcade of Perversions,’ a free exhibit of extreme perversions that includes the puke eater, the two men tonguing, the armpit slurper, the heroin addict going cold turkey and so much more! Turns out this exposé of the obscene is just a front for a group of psychotic criminals, who start killing their audiences rather than simply shocking them every night. With nowhere to go but down, the film follows Lady Divine on her debauched descent into full-blown mania leading to a climax involving a horny fifteen-foot lobster.

From the High Priest of trash cinema, John Waters, comes this immaculate restoration of a rarely seen cinematic masterpiece. The film emerged from Waters already-established desire to make the most offensive movies he could think of, glorifying carnage and mayhem for laughs whilst also reflecting his bafflement at the ‘60s hippy movement. A thematic and tonal precursor to his fiendish Pink Flamingoes but a vastly superior film, Multiple Maniacs is gloriously grotesque and makes its way to SUFF at long last, replete with all manner of depravity.

Dir: John Waters | USA | 1970 | 91mins | Australian Premiere

“You have never, and I mean never, seen any movie remotely like Multiple Maniacs. Its jet black humor goes beyond anything ever put on film. It is skillfully made, devastating, low down and raunchy and frighteningly relevant to today."

“If you liked Hairspray and Serial Mom, be prepared for something a whole lot rougher and intentionally less palatable, but something that very much shares their rebellious spirit. This is Waters at his rawest and most ebullient.”

07:00 pm (after party until 12am)
Sunday 18th September
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