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Writer-director Coralie Fargeat's stunning feminist revenge thriller begins when a young woman's romantic weekend getaway with her boyfriend turns dark after his sleazy cronies arrive for a hunting trip, but she transforms from timid to totally badass, hunting them down in an adrenaline-fueled bloodbath.

Jen arrives at a remote villa with her wealthy boyfriend Richard, ready for a weekend of illicit romance. Things quickly go from hedonistic to devastating when her lover’s hunting buddies show up unannounced, turning a night of drunken revelry into one of horror. Leaving Jen for dead, these men underestimate not only her will to survive, but also her thirst for vengeance. Drenched in enough blood to paint an entire town red, Coralie Fargeat's Revenge reframes the rape-revenge genre's typical proclivities, complete with a gaze that scrutinizes male bodies and foregrounds its protagonist's transformation into a hardened vehicle of vengeance. Culminating in a grisly, violent climax that needs to be seen to be believed, first-time French director Fargeat’s explicitly controlled yet wildly over-the-top masterpiece assures her a spot amongst the highest echelons of the New French Extreme.

Screenings: Toronto International Film Festival 2017, Seattle International Film Festival 2018
Dir. Coralie Fargeat / France / Thriller / 2017 / 108mins / NSW Premiere

“Revenge might be the bloodiest and most important film released this year.”

Olivia Ovenden

“Revenge is a bloody middle finger...a kick in the balls with a feminine combat boot. You've been warned, gents.”

David Fear
Rolling Stone

“Revenge is a brutal, bloody, exhilarating work that does not even for a moment blink.”

Barry Hertz
Globe and Mail
07:00 Pm
Saturday 15th September
03:00 Pm
SUNDAY 16th September