Sickies Making Films

Combining interviews, including, of course, with the always wonderful John Waters - and a wide range of archive footage, Sickies Making Films is a celebration of the cinema and freedom of expression. This is essential viewing for anyone interested in the history of film.

A love letter to the movies, Sickies Making Films looks at the recurring problem of censorship in America. By focusing on the nation’s longest-reigning censorship body, the Maryland Board of Censors, the film uncovers both the absurd and sometimes surprisingly justifiable reasoning behind historical censorship. Sickies Making Films thoughtfully and thoroughly examines the reasons behind the immense power censors have over creative output in America. Enhanced by archival footage, classic film segments and interviews, the documentary unravels the perplexing and often downright peculiar story of how Maryland went from being one of the most culturally conservative states to the birthplace of John “Prince of Puke” Waters, as told with candour, humour and compassion. 

Followed by Q&A with Writer / Director Joe Tropea
Screenings: Maryland Film Festival 2018, Big Sky Documentary Festival 2018, Perth Revelation Film Festival 2018
Dir. Joe Tropea / USA / Documentary / 2017 / 83mins / NSW Premiere

“Tropea and co-writer/editor Robert A. Emmons Jr. fashion a tale as absurd as it is disturbing. Sickies of the world, unite!”

Christopher Llewellyn Reed
Hammer to Nail
02:30 pm
Saturday 15th September