The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned From A Mythical Man

Urban legend has it that Hollywood actor Bill Murray crashes karaoke sessions, drives taxis and photobombs engagement pictures. Now, director Tommy Avallone wants a Bill Murray story of his own.

You’ve probably heard the stories. The famously private Billy Murray is spotted doing dishes at a house party, or serving drinks at a local bar; crashing karaoke clubs, commandeering taxis and photo-bombing wedding photos. After hearing them himself, director Tommy Avallone wants a Bill Murray story of his own. As if hunting Bigfoot, Avallone follows the star’s trail across across America, tracking his alleged appearances. The stories often finish with Murray slyly whispering "no one will ever believe you", but Avallone wants to believe. The Bill Murray Stories presents one man's journey to find meaning in Murray's unexpected adventures with everyday people. More than a compelling fan doc, this wonderfully funny, intimate film intelligently explores the disconnection between celebrity culture and spontaneous acts of kindness, joy and humanity.

Screenings: SXSW 2018, Hot Docs 2018, Cinepocalypse 2018, MIFF 2018
Dir. Tommy Avallone / USA / Documentary / 2018 / 70mins / NSW Premiere

“This is hands down one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen.”

Tory Danielle
Pop Horror
05:00 pm
Saturday 15th September