The Goose

He’s called 'the Goose'. Mute, introverted and hunchbacked, he’s widely considered the village idiot, and he lives with the local ventriloquist and his gruesome-looking dummy. The Goose doesn’t feel at home in this environment, which is why meeting the Time Travel Agent seems like a simple way out. He wants to go to Arizona, where he believes he'll regain his ability to speak through new-age voice therapy. And the best way? To travel by fax, of course! This psychedelic road movie by Mike Maryniuk, a self-taught director from Winnipeg who identifies as a ‘film folk artist’, is a peculiar mixture of performances by local oddballs, funky animation, video game aesthetics and allusions to silent cinema. With absurd plot twists, anarchic humour and many a mash up, The Goose is a one-of-a-kind of visual trip.

Screenings: IFFR 2018, New Horizons 2018
Dir. Mike Maryniuk / Canada / Experimental / 2018 / 72mins / Australian Premiere

“Packed with plenty of neon lights, leather jackets and karaoke, this is post-internet on the big screen.”

Ewa Szabłowska
10:30 Pm
FRIDAY 14TH September
01:00 Pm
Sunday 16TH September