The Goose

This deaf-and-dumb young man who is called ‘the Goose’ by his scoffing acquaintances makes the most psychedelic of journeys by fax machine. Like a goose leaving for the sun in the winter, this anti-hero is looking for somewhere else to find his own voice.

He’s called 'the Goose'. Mute, introverted and hunchbacked, he’s widely considered the village idiot, and he lives with the local ventriloquist and his gruesome-looking dummy. The Goose doesn’t feel at home in this environment, which is why meeting the Time Travel Agent seems like a simple way out. He wants to go to Arizona, where he believes he'll regain his ability to speak through new-age voice therapy. And the best way? To travel by fax, of course! This psychedelic road movie by Mike Maryniuk, a self-taught director from Winnipeg who identifies as a ‘film folk artist’, is a peculiar mixture of performances by local oddballs, funky animation, video game aesthetics and allusions to silent cinema. With absurd plot twists, anarchic humour and many a mash up, The Goose is a one-of-a-kind of visual trip.

Screenings: IFFR 2018, New Horizons 2018
Dir. Mike Maryniuk / Canada / Experimental / 2018 / 72mins / Australian Premiere

“Packed with plenty of neon lights, leather jackets and karaoke, this is post-internet on the big screen.”

Ewa Szabłowska
10:30 Pm
FRIDAY 14TH September
01:00 Pm
Sunday 16TH September