The Green Lie

Writer/director Tim van Dammen’s follow-up to the trailer trash romance Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song is a wild smash-up of parochial Kiwi comedy and mind-bending time travel crime-thriller.

What does organic, fair trade and sustainable really mean? Does the food industry actually enforce its advertised promises? And can you actually make an environmental difference just by being an ethical consumer? In The Green Lie, a sceptical Werner Boote (Plastic Planet, Population Boom) teams up with famed environmentalist Kathrin Hartmann to expose the alarming reality of ‘greenwashing.’ For the uninitiated, this is the insidious practice where multinationals brand themselves as sustainable, while simultaneously undermining the ecosystems of the countries in which they operate. In a daring documentary that reveals the truth behind the industry’s so-called ‘green’ products, Austria's answer to Michael Moore travels from Bali to Brazil — and to the offices of Noam Chomsky and Raj Patel — for answers. What he finds is a concerted effort to cloud the judgement of the people, destroy the environment, and undermine the truly necessary steps that must be taken to enact lasting change.

Screenings: Berlinale 2018, CPH:DOX 2018, Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2018
Dir. Werner Boote / Austria / Documentary / 2018 / 93mins / Australian Premiere

"With attractive quality seals on their products, promises of less pollution, fair pay and sustainability - anyone who looks closely, such as documentary filmmaker Werner Boote, quickly realizes that the "green lie" for resourceful companies has long been a marketing strategy."

Christina Krisch
Kronen Zeitung
12:00 Pm noon
Saturday 15th September