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Shot on glorious 35mm, a visual dalliance between Hitchcock, Meyer and Sirk, The Love Witch is a stunning homage to 60s technicolour camp, melodrama and exploitation flicks; one for fans of Hammer horror that demands to be seen on the big screen. The film follows Elaine, a voluptuous Wiccan, determined to find the love of her life. From her gothic Victorian apartment she concocts potions to aid seduction but when her spells work too well, she ends up with a string of hapless victims, instead of the man of her dreams. Addicted to love, Elaine keeps searching and bodies keep piling up, but who could blame her? She simply loves men to death! Lusciously coloured to complement the film’s striking costume and production design, Anne Biller presents a work of total vision and control, with the filmmaker serving as director, writer, producer, editor and production designer. Deftly tacking both the fear of female sexuality and contemporary feminist ideals, the film does more than emulate. It thoroughly subverts, shifts, ridicules and questions the often-sexist gender dynamics of the cinema it is referencing, concocting out of it a potion as fresh and as necessary as it is potent.

Dir: Anna Biller | USA | 2016 | 120mins | Sydney Premiere

“Nothing short of astonishing — not only in the painstaking recreation of the mood, sets and look of the films she’s referencing, but how she spiritually re-appropriates that decorative world into something radical and new.”

Justine Smith
Vague Visages
"The film pulsates with furious creative energy throughout, sparking excitement and giddy amazement that it even exists. Amid its freewheeling aesthetic twists and intellectual provocations, the astounding humor of The Love Witch often ascends to intentional hysteria."

The New Yorker
Official Selection
Maryland International Film Festival 2016

Official Selection
Fantasia 2016

Official Selection
Revelation Perth International Film Festival 2016

Official Selection
Melbourne International Film Festival 2016

Closing Night Film
Queensland Film Festival 2016
05:00 pm
Sunday 18th September
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