The Magic of Groo

Stephen Groo, aged 40, has made over 180 films in the past 20 years, spanning a broad range of genres from fantasy to romance to sci-fi thrillers. Boasting names such as She-Hulk, Circle of Fire: The Dark Lord and Challenge of Faith, not one has secured distribution or turned a profit. Despite this, Groo pushes on; a true American do-it-yourself auteur whose eccentric style has gained him a loyal Hollywood fan base including Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite), Jack Black, Jemaine Clement, and Mike White. The Magic of Groo follows the director as he seeks production funds, and the involvement of Black, to remake his 2004 human/elf fantasy drama The Unexpected Race. Scott Christopherson's (Peace Officer) hilarious yet sincere portrait depicts this uphill battle, while examining the unusual methods of a determined DIY filmmaker who will stop at nothing to make his movies.

Watch THE UNEXPECTED RACE starring Jack Black after THE MAGIC OF GROO at 8:30pm!
Screenings: Sheffield Doc Fest 2018
Dir. Scott Christopherson / USA / Documentary / 2018 / 98mins / Australian Premiere

“Groo is an interesting subject to be sure whose dedication to filmmaking is admirable, and Christopherson presents that in a well-crafted documentary that’s an easily recommended watch.”

Adam Patterson
Film Pulse

“Groo’s body of work makes Tommy Wiseau look like Tarkovsky.”

Alan Hunter
Screen Daily
06:30 pm
friday 14th September