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After exploding heads at SUFF 2014 with his Why Don’t You Play in Hell, Japanese cinema’s supreme shock-meister Sion Sono returns with his most bawdy film to date. Sono, who released 5 films in the last year and even starred in his own documentary, has saved his best for SUFF: The Virgin Psychics. After the occurrence of a strange cosmic event, a group of teen virgins (who also happened to be aroused at the time) awake to discover that they have special powers. We follow Yoshiro, who granted with the power of telepathy is now able to read people’s minds, Terumitsu, who has the power of telekinesis (which he mostly uses to levitate sex toys) and Yosuke, who can teleport (but only while completely naked). When Tokyo becomes a hotbed of erotic psychic terrorists all hell breaks loose, and this unwitting group must band together to save the day (think the Avengers meets John Waters at his filthiest). The Virgin Psychics is unrepentantly prurient, replete with flesh, boners, upskirts and all manner of sex toys; the film is a raucous blend of lowbrow humour and the madcap lunacy for which Sion Sono has become renowned.

Dir: Sion Sono | Japan | 2015 | 114mins | Australian Premiere

“This cheerfully gutter-minded supernatural farce is Sono’s fifth feature to emerge this year, and it more than compensates for whatever the earlier movies may have lacked in Japanese schoolgirl fetishism, perspiring cleavage, levitating sex toys and slap-you-in-the-face erection gags.”

Justin Chang
“There are enough cleavage and upskirt shots of young Japanese girls to satisfy a pervert’s wettest dream.”

Edmund Lee
South China Morning Post
Official Selection
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016

Official Selection
Sitges 2015

Official Selection
Paris International Fantastic Film Festival 2015
10:30 PM (FRIday 16th SEPTEMBER) 
03:00 PM (SUNday 18TH SEPTEMBER)