Trauma is the most shocking, brutal and extreme horror film in recent times. Four women travel through the weekend to a countryside area of Chile. The arrival of two strangers turns their fun into an orgy of unspeakable brutality and violence. Now they must fight for their lives.

Drawing comparisons to A Serbian Film, director Lucio A. Rojas’ twisted home-invasion horror is not for the faint of heart or stomach. What starts as a sun-soaked, wine-drenched getaway for four friends quickly spirals into a nightmare when two unwelcome visitors crash their party. The next morning, the remainder of the group desperately search for help in a nearby village, unaware that their perpetrators stem from the most brutal period of Chile’s dark, dictatorial past. Though extreme, Trauma is far from thoughtless exploitation, weaving together a brilliant allegory about the violence of Pinochet’s regime that will stay with you long after you leave the cinema.

Screenings: Morbido Fest 2018, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2018, XV Cine de Terror Film Festival 2018
Dir. Lucio A. Rojas / Chile / Horror / 2017 / 106mins / Australian Premiere

“Trauma is easily one of the most brutal, graphic and disturbing horror films to have been made in recent memory.”

Andrew Mack
Screen Anarchy
10:30 PM
FRIDAY 14th September