Inhuman ScreenS

SUFF and Sydney College of the Arts, the University of Sydney are pleased to announce the inaugural “Inhuman Screens” conference, which aims to open a conversation as to how technology has redefined the human. To this end, the conference examines all aspects of contemporary screen ecologies, including frontier technology, social media, theories of screen culture, contemporary art, and other engagements with digital technology and posthumanism.
The conference is delighted to have two outstanding international keynotes: Steven Shaviro and Sean Cubitt. Sean Cubitt will present “Mediations of Xijiang: For an aesthetic politics” and Steven Shaviro will explore “Whack World” by Tierra Whack in a paper entitled “Out of Whack: Tierra Whack’s Audiovisual Inventions.” Both present their papers appropriately disembodied via the digital interface.

Steven Shaviro


Sean Cubitt

Other impressive speakers will cover topics as diverse as pornography to early marine cinematography and drone videography. Some confirmed presenters include Associate Professor Ann Elias (author of the forthcoming Coral Empire to be published by Duke University Press) who will present on the adventures of the Australian explorer and cinematographer Frank Hurley. Practicing artist Adam Geczy, author of over 15 books, will present on what he calls the “Natrificial Body” in porn whereby the “body is altered by technology and prosthetics.” Dann Binns, author of The Hollywood War Film, will frame “Dronopoetics” with respect to drone’s uses in films. Bruce Isaacs, Senior Lecturer of Film Studies at the University of Sydney and author of Toward a New Film Aesthetic, will present on Brian De Palma’s film, Femme Fatale and Hitchcock’s Marnie via Gerard Genette’s theory of Archi-textuality. Ryszard Dabek, artist and academic, starts from Gilles Deleuze’s observation that “the brain is the screen”, examining the work of Stanley Kubrick, David Cronenberg and Spike Jonze; and Andrew Robards, artist and researcher will examine how Australian artists and filmmakers interrogate cultural archetypes through the embodiment of mythic “outsider” characters. After engaging with changing media environment, attendees will also be granted access to a night of films.
Convened by Dr Stefan Popescu & Dr Aleksandr Wansbrough
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09:00 Am - 05:00 Pm
FRIDAY 14th September