Sleaford fookin' mods, innit! With their clattering lo-fi beats, social realist-shouting rhymes, dirty humour and fuck-you attitude, the British DYI duo Sleaford Mods have given working-class England its own, rowdy sound. The band ooze a catchy bastard of grime and punk, which has sent the two friends from small pub gigs to shows in front of thousands of fans and a contract with Rough Trade. Rock god Iggy Pop has called them “the world’s greatest rock ’n’ roll band,” and yet, you’ve probably never even heard of them. That’s not surprising; just two years ago they were recording in a bedroom in Nottingham and playing in tiny pubs. Like most overnight sensations, this rage-punk duo had been slaving in obscurity for years before their big break finally came. This pleasingly unpretentious rock-doc follows the pair through their breakthrough year of 2015, Bunch Of Kunst is a raw and heartfelt music portrait that shows that three ordinary guys can still take on the music business without sacrificing their sense of self.
Bunch of Kunst | Dir. Christine Franz | Documentary | 103mins | Germany | 2017 | Australian Premiere
“Excellent. Rips Austerity Britain a fresh one.“★★★★ 
Peter Bradshaw
The Guardian
“Just like the Sleafords themselves, Christine Franz's film is unpretentious and unfiltered, and it brilliantly captures the momentum and excitement of a band as they make their breakthrough.” ★★★★ 
Jamie Healy
Radio Times
06:30 PM