Like Gumtree meets Adult Friend Finder, Craigslist is a digital repository for everyone from the lonely to the depraved to the opportunistic. Completely unregulated, anyone is allowed to post anything there: sales, job listings and all sorts of variations of “man seeks woman” pleas. Enter Samira Elagoz, a young Finnish performance artist who decides to post an open casting call as the catalyst for her latest film. The set up is simple — she brings a camera, and films how they get to know each other. From Amsterdam all the way to Tokyo, Elagoz meets a cavalcade of men (a magician, an exhibitionist, a sadistic video artist and a soft-core porn director among them), filming their first encounters in a candid, transparent cinema verité style that has been updated for the YouTube generation. Taking the role of behavioral scientist, Elagoz is both enticing and risk-taking, putting herself in a position to be the object of the male gaze, but also capturing it and returning it with measured defiance.
Craigslist All-stars | Dir. Samira Elagoz | Documentary | 65mins | Finland/The Netherlands | 2016 | Australian Premiere
"Craigslist All-stars is an exploration of intimacy between strangers, and all the different forms desire and human connection can take. Funny, disturbing, moving and honest.”
Marijn Lems
Het Huis Utrech
06:00 PM