Upon returning from a business trip, Anna curiously discovers a large pile of cardboard boxes taped together in her living room. In an attempt to create something of significance, it seems her boyfriend Dave has built a maze — but in doing so, has inadvertently fallen victim to the intricacy of his own design. Now trapped in a structure filled with booby traps and fantastical pitfalls, Dave must guide a search-and-rescue team comprised of his partner and very best friends through his ever-changing mythical labyrinth to escape. What starts out full of whimsy soon takes a dark turn as the maze starts growing increasingly sentient, and murderous, by the minute. Like Labyrinth as if directed by Charlie Kaufman, Bill Watterson’s feature debut re-imagines classic '80s adventure films with a modern comedic edge, higher body count and a unique, cardboard style all of its own. The film's low-fi, DIY fantasy world (assembled using over 30,000 square feet of cardboard) bursts to life with ingenious puppetry, stop-motion animation and in-camera optical illusions that dazzle throughout.
Dave Made a Maze | Dir. Bill Watterson | Comedy/Adventure | 80mins | USA | 2017 | Sydney Premiere
“Dave Made A Maze is the kind of film that makes someone a believer in the power of cinema… do whatever you must to see it on the biggest screen available as soon as humanly possible. You can thank me later.”
James Shotwell
Substream Magazine
“One of the most vivid, imaginative and original movie worlds in recent cinema… we have the makings of a stone-cold cult classic with this one.”
Nathaneal Hood
The Young Folks
Audience Award for Best Narrative Film
Slamdance 2017
12:00 PM
05:00 PM