A thrilling docu-fiction takedown of advertising and consumerism, Drib presents a no-holds-barred satire of Los Angeles’ advertising culture and the ways that capitalism co-opts just about anything — including the film that you are watching. In short, it’s the perfect encapsulation of consumer nihilism for 2017. Here, Amir is a performance artist and stand-up comedian who creates authentic characters and stories that unfold online in real time. When his staged fight videos from the streets of Oslo go viral and make international news headlines in 2014, a Los Angeles-based advertising agency mistake them for reality and decide to exploit Amir’s newfound, controversial fame. They want to make his work part of an edgy marketing campaign for an energy drink, but Amir has his own plans. Enter Norwegian filmmaker Kristoffer Borgli, who offers to tell Amir’s story after things go pear-shaped. Blurring the lines between fact and fiction, Drib starts out as a documentary and unfolds largely as recreations, revealing itself to be a delightfully meta affair. This is a slick, consumer-ready product — both a potent prank and a legitimately thoughtful experiment that turns all expectations about art and commerce on their heads.
DRIB | Dir. Kristoffer Borgli | Docu-Fiction | 90mins | Norway | 2017 | Australian Premiere
“A delightfully warped fish-out-of-water satire that takes a torch to the absurdities of branding”
David Ehrlich
“In your face, as the saying goes, and the blood is all part of the punchline”
David D'Arcy
Screen Daily
03:00 PM