Filmed over three years in five countries, Freedom From the Wolf is an epic investigation into the modern, worldwide corruption of the democratic process. An examination of the very concept of the nature of freedom itself, the film adroitly explores the way in which radical changes to this idea are quickly transforming the world. It’s about how people from all walks of life — from Tunisian rappers to Indian comedians, and from America’s #BlackLivesMatter activists to Hong Kong’s students — are joining in the fight against elected leaders who trample on human rights, minorities and their political opponents. Their common enemy is governments that combine dictatorship and democracy, or what political scientists call “illiberal democracy”. In an attempt to understand what freedom means in different cultural contexts, sociologist-turned-filmmaker Rupert Russell traverses the globe to find out how people are now battling for it. Sensitively researched, the resulting documentary features interviews with key counter-political players around the world as well as commentary from today’s most eminent scholars, providing a rousing and timely examination of a world in political disarray.
Freedom For the Wolf | Dir. Rupert Russell | Documentary | 89mins | Germany | 2017 | Australian Premiere
“His film Freedom for the Wolf is epic in scale — covering events on four continents — finely made, thoughtful and nuanced. Rupert Russell has made a highly original and thought-provoking film. It examines the dangerous rise in illiberal democracies which is not just happening in China or Tunisia or India but here in the West in the home of the free and the brave.” 
Paul Gallagher
“Documentary can also be entertaining, as in Rupert Russell’s Freedom for the Wolf … Russell’s philosophical look at how democracy operates across the globe seems specifically devised to provoke debate in the first instance and activism in the second.” 
Little White Lies
01:00 PM