Welcome to the near future, where you can become the proud parent of an Infinity Baby. These special babies take the pressure off because they never cry, never age past three months, never become teenagers or leave the nest, and they only need one feeding and one weekly diaper change. Alas, Infinity Baby salesman Ben (Kieran Culkin) is having a hard time settling down — bouncing from relationship to relationship, he bores easily, leading prospective partners on until the inevitable meeting with his domineering mother (Megan Mullally) sends them packing. Meanwhile, when two of his sales reps go rogue and take an Infinity Baby for themselves, Ben is forced to come face-to-face with the terrifying spectre of his own maturity. Birthed from the warped minds of director Bob Byington (7 Chinese Brothers) and writer Onur Tukel (Applesauce, Catfight), and starring a remarkable ensemble of some of this generation’s best comedic actors, this is a highly droll, absurdist black comedy where fear of decision-making is taken to bizarre and hilarious extremes.
Infinity Baby | Dir. Bob Byington | Comedy | 80mins | USA | 2017 | Sydney Premiere
“Infinity Baby is an endlessly funny and surprisingly rich treat.”
Zach Gayne
Screen Anarchy
“Infinity Baby is what The Lobster wished it was. It accomplishes being both preposterously pretentious and damned funny. There are lines that earned genuine laughs, and those lines were about killing babies. It’s not just the fantastic script; it’s also the brilliant direction and line delivery from the actors.”
Anthony Ray Bench
Film Threat
01:00 PM