Isaac Lachmann has seen better days. Recently 40, his acting career is tanking while his colleagues succeed, his blind girlfriend of 10 years plans to leave him and his own family brands him a constant disappointment at their latest reunion. Even when he takes a chance on new romance, Isaac struggles to define his place in a world that has seemingly turned against him. Famed short filmmaker Janicza Bravo unleashes her description-defying debut feature Lemon, a film that will delight and unsettle audiences in equal measure with its unique brand of discomforting humor. Here, Bravo unflinchingly strips down her stellar lead, co-writer and real-life husband Brett Gelman (Funny Or Die, Fleabag) to appalling levels of vulnerability, as hilariously emphasized by idiosyncratic supporting turns Michael Cera (Arrested Development) and Gillian Jacobs (Community) as horribly mismatched actors, Fred Melamed (A Serious Man) and Rhea Perlman (Cheers) as Isaac's parents, and Nia Long (The Best Man) as a romantic interest and Isaac's last hope. A very dry, alternatingly hilarious and alienating tragicomedy about the facing the likelihood of failure, Lemon feels like a call back to the classic films of Todd Solondz by way of master of the absurd Quentin Dupieux.
Lemon | Dir. Janicza Brave | Comedy | 83mins | USA | 2017 | Sydney Premiere
“To say that Lemon is quirky would be like saying that a lemon is yellow: it’s the nature of the object. The film’s entire raison d’être is to be as quirky and anomalous and avant-weird as possible. Mission accomplished.”
Owen Gleiberman
"An instant classic that specifically feels like a product of 2017, the kind of bizarre culture treatise that could only come from fresh talent."
Nick Allen
04:00 PM