Budding Chicago restaurateurs Naomi and Madeline know that image is everything for a new business, so when a negative review says their restaurant “perfectly summarizes the hypocrisy of the bourgeoisie”, they know just what they need to do to change people’s minds: host a neighborhood food drive. At the nearby college, students Steven and Bianca are having relationship problems, so they eagerly volunteer to help out with the party planning as a therapist-suggested bonding activity. Winning over customers and working through romantic issue — what could go wrong? With this bunch, just about everything. You see, Naomi, Madeline and their friends are painfully divorced from the real world, and as Neighborhood Food Drive progresses it becomes clear that the road to hell is actually paved with the witless desires of egomaniac restaurateurs and their interns. Delivered with a blackly absurd sense of humour, Neighborhood Food Drive offers a terrifying glimpse into the abyss of contemporary self-indulgence. Watching it is to enter a deranged world populated with self-congratulatory entitlement, psychological dysfunction and the relentlessness of the modern middle class.
Neighborhood Food Drive | Dir. Jerzy Rose | Comedy | 85mins | USA | 2017 | Sydney Premiere
“It’s a refreshing change of pace from mainstream comedies and their mandatory gooey, feel-good moments.”
Screen Anarchy
“Frankly, it’s a pretty damn awesome movie.”
Boston Hassle
10:30 PM
03:00 PM