Set in Finnish coastal town Meri-Pori, Mika Rättö’s fierce debut feature tells the peculiar story of an equally admired and feared rascal named Rauni Reposaarelainen. When this chubby and booze-swilling oddball isn’t pursuing the beds of local geishas, he blows through the town like hurricane, wreaking havoc wherever he goes. Finally fed up with Rauni’s reign of terror, a mysterious figure places a bounty on his head, leading to an endless barrage of assassination attempts. Far from pleased, Rauni must kill, drink and fuck his way towards the one who wants him eliminated in order to exact sweet revenge. A refreshing and wild cocktail of Japanese samurai cinema, sailor romance, hyper-surrealism and Finnish dipsomania, Samurai Rauni is one of this year’s most unique and unmissable films. If Tarantino and Winding Refn were put in a blender together with Jodorowsky and Kusturica, this off-the-wall genre mish-mash would be the end result — a highly creative and well-crafted affair that has such an enormous heart.
Samurai Rauni | Dir. Mika Rättö| Action | 80mins | Finland | 2016 | Australian Premiere
“This is certainly the weirdest movie of the year. It’s strange and at the same time most original. This could be the future of cinema!”
Pertti Avola
Helsingin Saromat
10:00 PM