Blistering rock-doc The Colossus Of Destiny: A Melvins Tale tells the extraordinary story of a band who have defied all the rules for over 33 years and counting — and still managed to succeed on their own terms. The film charts the journey of band members King Buzzo and Dale Crover, through rarely seen behind-the-scenes material from their early days to captivating footage from their multiple modern incarnations speaking to the enduring influence the band has had throughout their long and storied history. Throughout it all, The Melvins have overcome pitfalls that would’ve ended lesser groups with a sense of humor, a shrug and, more than anything else, a determination to continue following their muse no matter what. Don’t take our word for it, with a veritable who’s-who of musicians attesting to the influence and legacy of the band, including Mike Patton, the late Chris Cornell, Jello Biafra, Gene Simmons, Krist Novoselic, J. Mascis, Josh Homme, David Yow and many more. Capped off with truckloads of ear-bursting Melvins rock, this is mandatory viewing whether you’re a die-hard fan or simple lover of music history.
The Colossus of Destiny: A Melvins Tale | Dir. Bob Hannam | Documentary | 125mins | USA | 2016 | Australian Premiere
“The Colossus of Destiny is highly recommended to the steadfast Melvins fanbase, but should also be of interest to anyone interested in modern music history. There’s so much within these two hours… but that’s exactly why you should see it. The Melvins influence and legacy is complex, sometimes strange, and certainly more unique than most of their peers.”
J. Kevin Lynch
The Void Report
"The Melvins now the subject of a film that, [like them] refuses to compromise and do what’s expected and is all the more rewarding, poignant and appropriate for that."
Neil Fox
The Quietus
05:00 PM