This year for first time ever, The Sydney Underground Film Festival hits the road and is coming to Wollongong with a specially curated package of highlights from it's 2017 festival. In collaboration with Yours & Owl's we're very pleased to announce the screening of the festival's weirdest and most controversial film to date; hailed by many as the grossest film of all time - Kuso! Directed by musical genius Flying Lotus (Steven Ellison), written by demented demi-god David Firth (creator of Salad Fingers) and starring the likes of Hannibal Buress, Tim Heidecker and George Clinton, Kuso presents a mind-bending freak show of a debut feature that officially set the record for walk-outs at this year's Sundance Film Festival.Eschewing anything that even resembles standard narrative structure, Kuso loosely frames four interwoven vignettes through the prism of a post-apocalyptic California, after an earthquake has eradicated the majority of humanity and left those who remain scarred and covered in hideous boils. This outrageous fever dream counts influences all the way from David Cronenberg's most gruesome body horrors and David Lynch's groundbreaking animated work to the kind of thing that might air at the latest hours of an Adult Swim programming block. The film will also be preceded by two of this year's most outrageous shorts including Michael Marrero & Jon Rhoads' post apocalyptic horror Buzzcut and Robin Comisar's nightmarishly absurd Great Choice. This will be a night of cinematic mayhem not to be missed!
Kuso | Dir. Flying Lotus | Comedy | 107mins | USA | 2017 | Australian Premiere
“Kuso is the grossest movie ever made… The sliced eyeball in Un Chien Andalou, the copious shit in River of Fundament, the corporeal mutilation of the entire torture-porn genre: it’s all an amuse-bouche for the final course that is Kuso.”
Chris Plante
The Verge
“Kuso is a hallucinatory, scatological, grotesque and occasionally hysterical work of utter mania, the kind of wild cinema that cuts through the noise of all safer, more marketable filmmaking.”
Dominick Suzanne-Mayer
Consequence of Sound
06:30 PM
Sunday 24th SEPTEMBER