SUFF Artwork

LSD Factory

A Blank Control

Life-giving beings live in this world filled with diversity. But suddenly bird-headed humanoids turn up. They catch, use and suck the life out of these colourful beings until all resources are exhausted. This world’s colourful diversity fades until the planet is turned into a wasteland.
Maëva Jacques| 7mins | Belgium | Animation | Sydney Premiere | 2018

Barbie and Friends

A parade of plastic icons marooned in a blizzardof digital glitch.
Paul Winkler | 11mins | Australia | Experimental |Australian Premiere | 2018


Indie toy maker Jo Carver’s latest creation has come to life, and it’s trying to kill him! The lines between reality and delusional paranoia are blurred as Jo battles his way through his cartoonish nightmare laboratory, set on destroying the demonic weed monster before it destroys him!
Tim Reis & James Sizemore | 16mins | USA |Horror, Comedy | Australian Premiere | 2019

Get Up, Pierrot

Pierrot is an existential pastry made by folding layers of identity upon itself with equal parts tears and smiles.
Zim + Teemo | 7mins | USA | Animation | Australian Premiere | 2019

Intersectional Biopolitics of Sizzurp

A journey through maximal nowhere.
Eli Ayres | 3mins | USA | Animation | 2019 | Australian Premiere


Shot on Super 8 in Tokyo during May 2019 Nakagin presents Kisho Kurokawa’s 1972 metabolist masterpiece, the Nakagin Capsule Tower as simultaneously a site of revolutionary intent and crumbling utopianism.
Ryzsar dDabek | 6mins | Australia | Experimental | Australian Premiere | 2019


Three women go for a picnic that does not go to plan.
Mike Pinkney, Michael Reich| 5mins | Japan | Horror | Sydney Premiere |2018

Please Speak Continuously and Describe Your Experiences as they Come to You

Emily is a patient at an experimental psychiatric facility where a brain implant prototype allows her to relive her dreams.
Brandon Cronenberg | 10mins | Canada | Sci-Fi | Sydney Premiere | 2019


Two wrestlers compete for survival in a post-apocalyptic hellscape.
Hutz | 9mins | Australia | Animation | Australian Premiere | 2019

Supervising the Supervision of Female Workers

An animated short exploring gender, labor, animation and weenie roasts.
Stephanie Delazeri | 7mins | USA | Animation | Australian Premiere |2019

The Video Store Commercial

A desperate video store owner hires a crew to shoot a commercial in his shop. But when they accidentally destroy a cursed VHS, suddenly, all their lives are in danger.- and worse yet, the commercial may never get finished...
Cody Kennedy & Tim Rutherford | 4mins | USA | Horror, Comedy |Australian Premiere | 2019

Those Progressive Meats

A twenty-five-year-old self-styled hermit who got it into his head tha the has achieved enlightenment tries to neutralise people's desire.
Minoru Karasube | 4mins | Japan | Animation | Australian Premiere | 2018
09:30 Am - 11:30 Am
Saturday 17th September