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When Andrew comes home from a weekend away and finds a single rose petal in his bed,he becomes convinced that his girlfriend has cheated on him.
Keiran Wheeler | 7mins | Australia | Comedy| Australian Premiere | 2019

Brunch Shift Massacre

A descent into the hellish depths of the life of a waiter during a busy brunch service that turns into a violent climb back to sanity.
Adam Boys | 14mins | Australia | Horror, Comedy | Sydney Premiere | 2019

Maggie May

Sometimes doing nothing can be the worst move of all.
Mia’Kate Russell | 14mins | Australia | Horror | Sydney Premiere | 2019

My Ghoul

Fed up with standing around in corners waiting to scare people, a lonely ghoul decides to leave her desolate damp mansion and go searching suburbia for a man.
Andrew Robb | 5mins | Australia | Horror, Comedy | Sydney Premiere | 2018


Our current generation of millennials have become addicted to the harsh realities of the internet. Diving into the deep web and it's harsh content of murder, stupidity and it's bizarreness. Their addiction becomes more and more intense.
James Dobbins | 4mins | Australia | Documentary | Australian Premiere | 2019

Six Pack

Russell really loves beer.
Madeline Mack | 6mins | Australia | Comedy| Australian Premiere | 2018


An epic story of Greek gods, a complex father-son relationship and one man's search for identity, Telos is a reimagining of Ocean Vuong's poem 'Telemachus',inspired by Homer's 'Odyssey'.
Sean O’Keeffe, Ben Matei & Jennie Tkaz | 19mins | Australia | Drama | Sydney

The True History of Billie the Kid

Billie visits her ageing father in jail, revealing that her childhood in his care was not as safe and happy as he might have believed.
Leticia Caceres | 8mins | Australia | Drama, Thriller | Sydney Premiere | 2018
09:30 Am - 11:30 Am
Saturday 17th September