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Flying Baptists Over Nollywood: A West African DIY Cinema Primer

90 minutes of the most demented African DIY movie mayhem: demons, witches, ninjas, midget gangsters and Antichrists, Ghanan Terminators and crap-CGI Spidermen run amok in a journey upriver into the dark heart of African Z-grade cinema.

A video essay compiled, edited and introduced by filmmaker and B film historian Andrew Leavold (The Search For Weng Weng, TrashFest 2019) offers a literally eye-popping selection of film clips, trailers and documentaries from filmdom’s final frontier. “Flying Baptists Over Nollywood” is a 90 minute journey upriver into the dark heart of African Z-grade cinema: from Nigeria or Nollywood, the globe’s most prolific yet misunderstood film industry, populated with demons, witch children, midget gangsters and Antichrists; Uganda, and the film factory of Wakaliwood’s RAMON Productions run by Isaac Nabwana, creator of the demented action sensation Who Killed Captain Alex; and Ghana’s Terminators and crap-CGI Spidermen from Ninja Productions and Rockson Emmanuel, as well as foaming-at-the-mouth Godsploitation horrors, all delivered with such terrifying conviction to scare the Bejeesus INTO its African audience! “Flying Baptists Over Nollywood” is both a detailed history and garish moving postcard of a startlingly original and sometimes genuinely dangerous film culture.

Presented by Andrew Leavold
06:30 Pm
FRI 13th Sep