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Moon Conspiracy Extravaganza

On the 50th anniversary of the famed ‘moon landing,’ join Jaimie and Aspasia Leonarder on an audio-visual journey as they probe whether this fabled event could actually have been a full-blown hoax. From theories of Kubrick’s faked footage shot on a sound stage outside of Texas, to the conspiracy that forms the premise of Peter Hyams Capricorn One, cinema has long proved an effective tool for questioning the powers that be. Mining over 50 years-worth of underground guerrilla films, via their Mu-Meson Archives, Jaimie and Aspasia Leonarder will draw on an extensive collection of clips, news excerpts and images to mount the case for those who have questioned Apollo all along. Are you aware of the links between NASA and the Nazi party? Did you know that every mission since Apollo has only remained in low Earth Orbit around 400 km and that we no longer have the technology to go to the Moon even if we tried? A 30 billion dollar lie that’s now been perpetuated for half a century – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and learn that when it comes to space (travel) perhaps no one at Apollo wants to hear your screams!

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12:00 Pm
Sat 14th Sep