Breakfast Cartoon CEREAL Party

Back by popular demand! Remember being able to laze around in your pajamas all Saturday morning and watch your favourite cartoons after indulging in bowl after bowl of colourful cereal for breakfast? As adults, we don't often give ourselves permission to be that lazy on Saturdays but the time has come to return to the simple pleasures of our childhood! So set aside your Saturday morning; assemble your family and friends and see just how good it feels to be a kid again. Pop on your favourite PJs and join us for an all-you-can-eat cereal buffet and Pop Tart station thanks to Kelloggs, whilst enjoying a non-stop retro toon showdown. There will be old favourites and obscurities with outrageous vintage commercials and PSAs in between. Get a rush of sugar and nostalgia to the head! Prizes for best dressed! Open to all ages, come on down and bliss-out on as much cereal as you can handle.
Cartoon Cereal Party | Australia | 2017 | 120mins | Australian Premiere
09:30 AM