SUFF Artwork


This session is dedicated to Ukrainian filmmaker political prisoner of the Kremlin Oleg Sentsov and to the Australian families, friends and relatives of victims of the downing of MH17.
Over 25 years in the making since Ukraine declared its independence. A revolution in 2014 saw millions of Ukrainians take to the streets to overthrow a corrupt regime and to look to the west. A direct invasion and illegal bloody and hybrid war by Russia then created the biggest humanitarian crisis in Europe. In response, Ukraine has undergone a cultural and artistic revolution and a cinematic renaissance. While politics can be both stale and exhilarating, where hope resides, a new generation through their art are asking what kind of country, in what kind of world do they want to live in?Grappling with the everyday to the cosmic, with the realities of life and death, Ukrainian filmmakers use art as their weapon, their critical inquiry and as a mirror; spanning human rights & social justice, tragedy and comedy in a country undergoing enormous change. The program will include unmissable shorts screened at Odessa, Kyiv, Berlin and Cannes film festivals.
Curated by Julian Knysh
04:00 Pm
Sat 14th Sep