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16 mm filmmaking


Learn how to use the iconic Bolex camera and shoot on 16mm film. The workshop will cover using the (Bolex) camera including camera loading, exposure, continuous and variable speed shooting, time lapse & time exposure, lenses, film sensitivity, light metering, film speed ISO/ASA/DIN.

Peter Humble is an artist and teacher who works across the fields of film, video, sound & photography. As an artist he is concerned with the meeting place of musical intuition and moving image exploring both narrative and more contemplative moving image practices. He is the founder of Workshop for Potential Cinema (WPC), an artist-run film workspace located in Glebe. WPC exists to serve those who continue to explore photo-chemical filmmaking on 8mm and 16mm, and film technologies in expanded forms.

03:00 Pm - 05:00 Pm
SUNDAY 16th September