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Alex Proyas Masterclass:


For the greater part of the 20th century cinema was arguably the most influential of all art forms. There was no medium more innovative, more popular, more challenging and ground-breaking. Movies constantly evolved and transcended as society underwent unimagined transformation. It was an era of extraordinary discovery and progress; a time for original thinking and ideas. And movies reflected all this.

But around the early years of the new century something happened… Hollywood movies stopped innovating; the original was shunned, indeed often openly scorned as consensus opinion was embraced. Studios stopped funding anything that wasn’t a sure bet. The eternal hunger for greater profits meant movies became increasingly formulaic and safe. New ideas were relegated to the low budget indie domain, or television, if at all. The age of the Hollywood movie franchise was upon us.

In 2018 we are facing the demise of original innovative big screen cinema… How can we save it?

Doors open 9:30am for a 10am sharp start. Coffee available and complimentary breakfast bar

Australian film director/writer/producer. Born in Egypt (of Greek-Egyptian ancestry). Migrated with parents to Australia at age three. Proyas grew up in the government housing tenements of inner-city Sydney.  A passion for art and film from an early age, he was given his first Super-8 camera for his 10th birthday.

During his graduate course at the Australian Film & TV School his short film, GROPING, received international acclaim, including award for Most Outstanding Short Film at London International Film Festival, 1982.

His early career was highlighted by many multi-awarded music videos and ad campaigns.

-He completed his first feature, SPIRITS, in 1989, which won numerous awards, and a short he wrote and directed, WELCOME TO CRATELAND, screened in competition Cannes '94.

-Also in 1994 he completed work on THE CROW, starring Brandon Lee, released by Miramax. The film was a critical & commercial success.

-In 1998 he completed work on his 3rd feature film, DARK CITY, for New Line Cinema. Starring Rufus Sewell, Keifer Sutherland, Richard O’Brien, Jennifer Connelly, Ian Richardson and William Hurt. The film has earned it’s place as a long standing cult classic.

-In 2002 he completed GARAGE DAYS starring Kick Gurry, Pia Miranda and Maya Stange for Fox Searchlight. Invited to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival January 2003.

-2004 saw the completion of Proyas’ I, ROBOT starring Will Smith. I, ROBOT has been Proyas’ greatest international commercial success to date.

-2007 to PRESENT various gallery shows of his photography.

-2008 he completed KNOWING starring Nicolas Cage & Rose Byrne, which became another world-wide commercial success for Proyas.

-In 2016 Proyas completed GODS OF EGYPT, starring Gerard Butler, Geoffrey Rush, Nikolaj Coster Waldau & Brenton Thwaites.

10:00 Am - 11:30 Am
Saturday 15th September