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Nico has contributed to hundreds of screen hours of award-winning film and television as actor, director, script editor, and dramaturge. More recently he is credited as screenwriter and dramaturge on Fury Road and the Mad Max Suite which includes the video game and graphic novel. Nico will present a script-writing workshop for emerging screenwriters.
Presented by Nicholas Lathouris
Nicholas Lathouris has enjoyed a long and successful career as an actor, director, script editor, and dramaturge contributing to more than 300 screen hours of popular, award-winning Australian film and television.

First involved with the Writers’ Studio in 2003, while screenwriting at Kennedy Miller Mitchell, his on-going collaboration with George Miller as both screenwriter and dramaturge on the ‘Mad Max Suite’ explored its world across an array of media, including two feature film prequels, video game and graphic novel. Mad Max: Fury Road has been nominated for numerous awards around the world including Best Original Screenplay.

Nico’s career encompasses directing and producing for theatre, film and television, cinematography, film editing and acting. As an actor, Lathouris was nominated for two Australian Film Institute Awards. His numerous credits as a Dramaturge include Heartbreak High, Wildside, Blue Murder, Looking for Alibrandi, Yolgnu Boy, Head Start, and Young Lions.
12:00 Pm
Sat 14th SEP