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Stuart Rowsell of Bloodhound FX is one of Australia’s leading special FX artists. Stuart has worked on Star Wars Ep II & III, Superman Returns, Wolverine, Great Gatsby, Mad Max: Fury Road, Gods of Egypt, and Alien: Covenant. Learn from his 25+ years of experience in this highly-valuable workshop on how to create successful special effects for low-budget films.
Presented by BLOODHOUND FX
Bloodhound FX Creative Director Stuart Rowsell, has worked for over 25 years in the Art Industry, Museum Industry and the Film Industry, contributing to many exhibitions and participating on over 30+ Feature Films including titles such as 'Star Wars Ep II & III', 'Stealth', 'Komodo', 'Pitch Black', 'Superman Returns', 'Wolverine', 'Great Gatsby', 'Mad Max: Fury Road', 'Gods of Egypt', 'Alien: Covenant' and most recently 'Pacific Rim 2'. With many years of experience also providing SPFX make up and props on TV Drama such as the Channel Seven series 'All Saints', Channel Nine series 'Rescue Special Ops', the Chinese series 'The Chosen' and ABC's medical drama 'Pulse'. The portfolio of work also includes many FX props on Music Videos and TV Commercials, including the multi-award winning 'YOGO' stop motion puppet TVC serial of the 1990's.  
Bloodhound FX Creative Director Stuart Rowsell is also the Executive Producer and Director of the 2017 Independent low budget Feature Film 'Hitler Lives!' which can be seen on most internet streaming platforms, such as GooglePlay, Amazon, iTunes, Xbox, Playstation, Vudu etc.

Rowsell is currently working on the new Marvel production "Shang-Chi", which is currently been made at Fox Studios.  
03:00 Pm
Sun 15th Sep